Where the “Barre” Has Been Raised!

Although many of our students have chosen to pursue dance careers, our purpose is not essentially to produce professional dancers, but rather to provide the opportunity for everyone to develop their individual talents to the fullest. We believe that a good dance education consists of experiences in creativity and self-expression, improving technique, memorization of movement sequences, music appreciation, and performing.

Dance can teach important principles in a way that no other discipline can. Students learn skills that improve their capacity for academic learning: listening, concentrating, remembering, decision-making and thinking for themselves to name a few. Our classes enhance development of physical stamina, strength, flexibility, coordination, character and style, a sense of rhythm, a sense of balance, agility, grace and poise, a love for the arts, an appreciation for different forms of music, and self-confidence that comes from setting and achieving goals.

Our dancers accept performing engagements and perform in our professionally-produced annual spring concert, but we do not participate in dance competitions. We encourage our dancers to compete only with their best selves, not with other dancers.

As expressed by Jacques d’Ambroise, we believe that, “When a youngster learns how to dance, he learns he has control of his life.” Dancers “turnout” better!

We don’t compete, we perform!

Come and enjoy being part of one of our classes:
Princess Dancerinas (ages 3 1/2 – 6 )
Showstoppers Littles (ages 6-10)
Showstoppers ‘Tweens (ages 10-14)
Prime Time Steppers Tap (adult tap)
Prime Time Steppers Clog (adult clogging)

Showstoppers Ballet Only (ages 9-14)

Showstoppers Hip Hop and Jazz Only (ages 9-14)

Showstoppers Tap Only (ages 9-14)

And soon to be added:

Ballet-Jazze’ Fitness (adult fitness)
Show Stoppers Teens (ages 13-18)
Petite Feet Junior Youth Show Company
Jubilant Feet Senior Youth Show Company