Princess Dancerina (Ages 3.5 to 6)

What Happens In A Princess Dancerinas Class?

  • Class begins with a welcome-circle warm-up including stretching and reviewing ballet foot and arm positions.
  • Next we do our Princess Dancerinas center floor work followed by across the floor locomotor movements, learning French terminology as we travel to magical lands pretending to be beautiful flowers, fairies, birds, bees, snowflakes, and such. Each 3 to 6 week session is built around a magical theme like “Fairy Garden Adventure” or “Winter Wonderland.”
  • Then we rehearse our Princess Ballerinas dance choreographythat we can’t WAIT to perform for our parents in class at the end of each session wearing simple dress-ups supplied by our teacher. We complete sticker charts and receive a certificate of achievement at the end of each unit to celebrate her progress and success!
  • Every class concludes with reverence curtseys, a sprinkling of fairy dust, and sometimes a themed coloring page!

Why Choose Princess Dancerinas?

The Princess Dancerina curriculum is a magical, musical theater dance program designed for preschoolers. The unique syllabus is Gayle’s own intellectual property, created after a lifetime of dance, music, theatrical experiences and teaching children. It was designed to enhance early development of motor and verbal skills, nurture imagination, promote positive self-identity, cultivate a love and appreciation for the arts, and provide positive social interaction. It cannot be compared to any other programs presently available.

Our Princess Dancerina program is highly structured and theme-based to promote creativity, imagination, and joyful movement experiences. Each week your little princess will hop, skip and twirl through an imaginary adventure! Her creativity and independence will be nurtured in a fun and supportive atmosphere. She will explore basic loco-motor and axial movements while practicing following directions in a safe, supportive environment.

Curriculum includes pre-ballet, employing proper French terminology, and pre-tap. (No tap shoes are needed yet, we study weight changes and rhythm in ballet slippers.) Some other concepts that are taught are place (self and general), level (high, medium, and low), size, direction, tempo, balance, body parts, and rhythm. Parent Showcase Week follows each unit to show your child’s progress and to prepare her for performing in our annual spring concert. Imagine your child’s excitement and joyful pride as she performs for family members during Parent Showcase Week following each theme unit!

Princess Dancerinas have an “all-inclusive” payment program where monthly payments include tuition, registration fees, any extra rehearsals, 2 tickets to our annual spring concert, spring concert group photography package, spring concert video – all in one!  No other “surprise” costs throughout the year! (The only items not included in your session payments are mandatory dress code items, spring concert costume, any extra workshops, camps or birthday parties or the optional Father-Daughter spring concert dance.)

All inclusive fees are $50 a month for one class a week. Some months have 3 lessons, some have 4, and some have 5. Fees are the same amount each month.

*Since we have an unlimited makeup policy there are no refunds, reduced tuition, or adjustments to payments for missed classes.


Dress Code for Class

Why A Mandatory Dress Code?

  • Uniformity keeps distractions to a minimum, promotes discipline, and keeps everyone looking and feeling professional.
  • Simple outfits make it possible for the teacher to see the dancer’s form in order to make proper corrections.
  • Dancers are often distracted by their own dance wear. Large skirts, tutus, and jewelry often become the dancer’s focus instead of the dance experience.

Adherence to the Princess Dancerina dress code is mandatory for each lesson. We order high-quality merchandise at wholesale prices only available for purchase through dance studios.

Our mandatory Princess Dancerina ensemble consists of:

  • An adorable, pink, flutter-sleeve, leotard with attached tutu
  • A pair of suntan, nylon-spandex, footed tights
  • A pair of black, stretch ballet slippers that are anatomically correct, right and left feet, and have no distracting drawstrings

You are welcome to bring sweaters from home on chilly days.


We are no longer ordering dance wear through Costume Manager. Our new system, to be announced soon, will be less expensive for shipping costs.

Please see our Rules and General Information page for class guidelines.