Show Stoppers (Ages 6-17)

Show Stopper Littles (ages 6-9) grades 1-4 in school – 55-minute weekly musical theater dance class – ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and some acting and vocal music

Show Stopper Tweens (ages 10-14) grades 5-8 in school – 55 minute musical theater class -ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, and some acting and vocal music

Our Show Stoppers program is a musical theater dance program which provides a sampling of various dance genres commonly used in a Broadway-type musical plays such as ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, lyrical, modern, ballroom, and ethnic dance. Attention is placed on the emotion associated with the theme of the movement phrases we explore. Proper dance technique and terminology are taught. Musicality is developed through interpreting tempo, flavor, rhythm, texture, and tonality of the musical accompaniment, and some vocal interpretation as well.

Show Stoppers will benefit from our program in a variety of ways. Our program is especially advantageous for those who aspire to participate in musical plays at school, church, or community productions. As well as the commonly recognized advantages of a dance education (such as strength, coordination, stamina, grace, increased potential for learning other disciplines, etc.) this program teaches your child how to express her feelings artfully, thus developing her unique personality and enhancing her ability to communicate. Please know that we are extremely careful about choosing appropriate music for expression. Since our program provides a nice sampling of different dance forms, your child might find one that she would like to embrace more fully and go on to our ballet, tap, jazz, or other specialty programs in the future. Then, of course, we must entertain (pardon the pun!) the idea that your Show Stopper could just grow up to be the next Broadway star! Who knows!

Show Stoppers have an “all-inclusive” payment program where monthly payments include tuition, registration fees, any extra rehearsals, spring concert fees,  spring concert group photography package, spring concert video, and 2 complementary tickets to our spring concert. No other “surprise” costs throughout the year! (The only items not included in your session payments are mandatory dress code items, spring concert costumes, any extra workshops, camps or birthday parties.)

All inclusive fees are $50 a month for weekly, 55-minute classes. When a dancer enrolls in a second class (Showstopper Jazz/Hip Hop Only, Ballet Only, or Tap Only) she gets the second class for 1/2 price!

*Since we have an unlimited makeup class policy there are no refunds, reduced tuition, or adjustments to payments for missed classes.


Dress Code for Class

Why A Mandatory Dress Code?

  • Uniformity keeps distractions to a minimum, promotes discipline, and keeps everyone looking and feeling professional.
  • Simple outfits make it possible for the teacher to see the dancer’s form in order to make proper corrections.
  • Dancers are often distracted by their own dance wear. Large skirts, tutus, and jewelry often become the dancer’s focus instead of the dance experience.

Adherence to the Show Stoppers dress code is mandatory for each lesson. We order high-quality merchandise at wholesale prices only available for purchase through dance studios.

Our mandatory Show Stoppers ensemble consists of:

  • A black skirted leotard (Dancers into adult sizes order leotard and skirt separately or order the spaghetti strap skirted leotard.)
  • A pair of suntan, nylon-spandex, footed tights
  • A pair of black, stretch ballet slippers that are anatomically correct, right and left feet, and have no distracting drawstrings
  • A pair of black, Mary Jane-style tap shoes.

You are welcome to bring sweaters from home on chilly days.

We are no longer ordering through Costume Manager. To save money on shipping charges, a new system will be announced shortly.

Please see our Rules and General Information page for class guidelines.